Note: Yukon Territory Church Directory’s mandate is to provide a comprehensive listing of current Christian churches in Yukon Territory. We do not list non-Canadian, non-Christian, or defunct congregations. If you are trying to track down a church that no longer exists, we suggest searching for other churches in that city and/or denomination and asking them for more assistance.

Is Your Church Listed?

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Father and Daughter search Yukon Territory Church Directory for a church in their province.Thank you for using Yukon Territory Church Directory. If you are a member of a Christian Church, please take a moment to confirm that your church is listed and that contact information is current and correct.

The most effective way to do this is to "Search by City" and look for your church. You could "Search by Church Name" but if someone has listed it with the name in another form (or misspelled) you could miss the error and duplicate the listing.

If you find that your church is not listed, please use the registration form to add your church to our directory. If your church is listed, but contact information is incomplete or out of date, please use our "Edit" form.

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