Note: Yukon Territory Church Directory’s mandate is to provide a comprehensive listing of current Christian churches in Yukon Territory. We do not list non-Canadian, non-Christian, or defunct congregations. If you are trying to track down a church that no longer exists, we suggest searching for other churches in that city and/or denomination and asking them for more assistance.

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13 cities found.

Cities in YT

  1. Carmacks, YT
  2. Cochrane, YT
  3. Dawson City, YT
  4. Faro, YT
  5. Haines Junction, YT
  6. Mayo, YT
  7. Old Crow, YT
  8. Pelly Crossing, YT
  9. Porter Creek, YT
  10. Ross River, YT
  11. Teslin, YT
  12. Watson Lake, YT
  13. Whitehorse, YT

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