About the Project

Yukon Territory Church Directory is entirely run by volunteers.

In 1995, before I really knew what the Internet was, I got caught in the excitement of a new medium to communicate. I couldn't wait to explore its structure and depth to see if I would find my place in it. I was struck with awe at the vastness of information available.

Being active in both my local church and the Church at large, I began to explore the possibility of using the medium to promote the gospel. Through newsgroups, I became involved in several international prayer and study groups. I began to find that many unchurched Christians were congregating on the Internet. While there is merit in this, it is no substitute for a face-to-face local church. I was able to dig and find local churches to send a few people to, but it was more work than I hoped. There are a few directories out there, but none were what I really needed. I wanted to be able to bring up a list of all the churches in Brandon, Manitoba (for example) and have some indication of where to send ?Malcom-the-unchurched? or how to contact someone who might give ?Malcolm? a call.

Not finding what I wanted, I began to construct Canadian Church Directory. I met Jason Friesen and told him what I was up to. Jason caught the vision and we have been working ever since to accomplish the feat. - Cord LaFond